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WARNING: Sudden changes of scenario.

This is a (puzzle) platformer for the Ludumdare 30, with theme "Connected Worlds". Enjoy!

Hopefully you will understand the game without extra instructions, but here they are in case of need.


Connect the worlds by click and dragging. Each black dot represents a "gate" (you don't know which), and each square represents a world (whose colour is that of the block). Each world has a maximum of four "gates".

Use WASD / Arrow Keys to move. Press and hold Up in air to "glide". Press Up (not the opposite side) to wall jump whilst placed next to a wall.

Pass through the gates to go from one world to the next. If the gate is not connected, nothing will happen when placed on the gate. Collect the rhombi things (top left) to pass the level, before the time runs out (each rhombi thing gives you some extra time). If you succeed, you will return to the Level selection.

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There are 3 different music transitions and the music is also annoying. This game is okay, though.

Sometimes the level ends without any reason...I don't fall off, I don't do anything. Level 3.

Agecaf responds:

There's a time limit (top right). I should have made it clearer, sorry...

Hmm, the music doesn't play when it starts at the titlescreen. Too bad, because it is quite nice. As the other reviewer said, though, it does loop too abruptly, but it still sounds great for the game.

Perhaps a better explanation of game mechanics are needed - even after reading the description, I didn't quite understand how to play.

The gliding mechanics weren't working so well for me in level 3, where I couldn't glide if I hit a wall. Not sure if that was intentional, though...

Changing backgrounds so suddenly was a little hard on the eyes, especially when the character stays on the gate - the backgrounds change back and forth constantly. It should be made so that the worlds change only once when the character goes over the gates. Perhaps using embellishments instead of a complete colour change or using colours that are similar to each other would work better?

I couldn't quite understand why connecting the dots was necessary, and why the black dots are basically unknown gates. It wasn't explained clear enough for me in the Author Comments, nor in the level design.

I felt like also the transitions between returning to the titlescreen after death were too abrupt as well. That aside, the idea is neat, the graphics aside from the backgrounds are fitting, and I do enjoy the music. It just seemed too fast moving and confusing to pick up and get into. It's a shame; your game concepts are pretty cool.

Agecaf responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback! This game was made in 48 hours for a contest, so it still needs lots of polish and a proper tutorial, so I was thinking of making a version of it more polished. These comments help me know what to focus on.

Great concept, although it needs a lot of work to become an enjoyable game.
+ the graphics are simple but sufficient,
– it needs some brief in-game instructions,
– the physics are not very good and quite buggy,
– the gates keep throwing me to and fro, better introduce a enter-gate key,
– the timer is maybe too much, I wouldn't use it at all,
– the levels could use better design, as for now it's all trial and error. I would also suggest more three- and two-world levels before moving on to four and more worlds. The player needs to be guided through the first levels to get used to the gameplay,
– the music transitions and loops are too abrupt and really annoying, so mute button! please,
+ I like how the game sounds go with the music.
Still pretty good for a competition entry.

Agecaf responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
I'll keep these in mind, especially the enter-gate key one... When I do the next part, I'll add more moderate levels, and focus on the tutorial. Making the levels was quite time consuming, though, so I couldn't add too many (due to the contest time limit).

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2.89 / 5.00

Aug 25, 2014
7:39 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle