AoaDF: Day One

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Adventures of a Dwarven Fellow: Day One

Lead the Dwarf to overloading success, while avoiding Dwarven fairies.

Dev Note::
I only had a limited time frame to work on this, yet, I hope you like it!!

Game was made in approx. 9 hours for the 48COMP-LUDUM30

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Alright, I'm ready to play this.

So, I enjoyed the overkill bloodshed that kept me entertained at the start. For 9 hours, not bad. I got to the castle and got killed, I tried to attack it and nothing happened. 15 seconds of game play made me want more, desolating my enemies, yes. Unfortunately I hoped you'd put some sort of reset when you die so I didn't have to reload the page. Not to ask for the moon or anything. You did well, can't wait to see you update this if you're going to update this? If not well you did good.

(Taking into account the little time you worked on this I've adjusted my rating)
Graphics were good, like the bloody splatter. The circle drawf, actually I'd have to say giant since his enemies were so tiny, wasn't so bad.

Gameplay, like I stated above I wanted more, wish you could have put the extra time into this. The loss at the second stage wasn't very appealing, I couldn't tell if it was planned or I just wasn't doing it properly. Either way should have been a brief instructions on this, even if it's just in your author comments, it does go along way! Reset button needs to be added to make it more enjoyable, though once again I understand you didn't have the time.

You did well, I'm excited to see what else you make! Hopefully you have more time with your new creations!

I hope this game gets worked on.

I'm sorry but I say go back, take your time, and re-make this. it needs music and better animation, the animation where you kill the pilgrims and they explode was to long. It also has no replay value.

Spairn responds:

It's called Ludum Dare. Of course I'll polish it up once it's over.

It seems like it could be good, but (and it might just be me) the screen turned tiny and when I died I couldn't try again, or avoid the arrow things.

Spairn responds:

You have to hit the Armoured Turtles up into the Arrows, you cannot kill them, only the arrow can (this also prevents you from getting hit) Screen turned tiny? Could you elaborate?

I enjoyed day one

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1.22 / 5.00

Aug 24, 2014
6:21 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other