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Mr.Vengeance: Upgrade

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The legendary story of Mr. Vengeance continues! Now Mr. Vengeance’s enemies are zombies!

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very good

Copied Left 4 Dead special mobs, only recolored and colors change to indicate difficulty. One of the characters at the end being from Left 4 Dead.

a bit fun, the linear path was kinda boring, all it takes is a death or two to find out what zombies are waiting. The Western music thing was a nice touch, made it feel like a shoot-out though, which it basically was, I mean don't bother with the other guns, just focus on pistol and armor/health and the game is a synch. I don't understand why the ammo amount was shown on the upgrade screen, I mean none of the guns got their ammo increased through leveling, also you should have the last thing in level up screen for different guns just shows how much total ammo you can have for the gun, honestly I felt the lmg was underkill for overpriced amount, by the time I even had enough for it my pistol was doing around 300 damage per shot, and was much easier to upgrade. I can understand the damage increase between different zombies, but that generally doesn't matter when you kill them before they get close enough to touch you, even the knife throwers weren't a problem. The level progression didn't seem very consistent, I mean you start out on an office level, two levels lower or higher and suddenly you are in a storage area or basement. I do like how between long drawn out floor areas, there is the area that was just a large field of enemies that you had to mow down. Also I found it easier to switch to a different weapon instead of waiting for the reload once you emptied a clip, because once you swapped back the weapon was ready to fire again almost immediately without a reload animation, not that the reload animation was very interesting in the first place. And I totally understand putting the armor damage reduction cap at 50%, a very reasonable amount of armor, how ever without bothering very much with the health upgrade it seemed like it would make one too strong when paired with the damage reduction, thus leading to the ease of playing, but also the boredom of repetitive task of mowing down all enemies in your way. So I give it 3.5 stars, good concept, although a lot like many others in this category, even with the enemies being classified as zombies. In the end it comes down to how to make it different while remaining in the said genre and type of game.


Its okay, i mean you could do really better just put a LITTLE bit effort in it the hand looks like from a Stickman , The weapons dont have any animation, The music don't fit the fighting scenes and stops before the fight is over ,The weapons upgrade system is fucking Broken (i mean it would be better if you can choose between : more ammo, more damage , faster Attacks speed us but you give ever thing to us : More ammo, More Damage , Faster reloading and a higher fire rate so you can just upgrade your normal Handgun and its the most overpowered weapon, why bother buying a uzi? And that you just Ripped off the Zombies from L4D and in higher level just recoloring them is quite a lazy ass move from you. Also some thing that came unexpedenly like you have to suddenly turn around and fight aginst someone would be nice.
My Problem : THIS IS JUST SUCH A FUCKING NICE SYSTEM only the implementation is fucked up

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Aug 23, 2014
12:52 AM EDT