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Battleground Legends

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10000HP 25 Points

You restored 10000 health points.

10000K 25 Points

You made 10000 Kills

1000A 25 Points

You restored 1000Armor

1000AD 25 Points

You dodged 1000 attacks.

1000HP 25 Points

You restored 1000 health points.

1000K 25 Points

You made 1000 Kills

100AD 25 Points

You dodged 100 attacks

2500A 25 Points

You restored 2500 Armor

2500AD 25 Points

You dodged 2500 attacks

2500HP 25 Points

You restored 2500 health points.

50000K 25 Points

You made 50000 Kills

5000A 25 Points

You restored over 5000 armor

100000K 50 Points

You made 100000 Kills

10000A 50 Points

You restored 10000 armor

25000HP 50 Points

You restored 25000 health points

5000AD 50 Points

You dodged 5000 attacks

Author Comments

Choose your warrior and become a legend
in this text based battle simulation

Wow, didnt expect to get so many views and getting frontpaged :D Thx all

Well, since here and there people ask there is a walkthrough DONT READ THIS IF YOU WANT TO PLAY YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
All these builds should definitely work after a few tries.!!!!!

20Con,12Def,Iron Boots, Ring of Life, Painbringer,Poisoned Sword, Heavy Armor

24Con,8Def,Defense Boots,Ring of Inner Health,Mystical Dagger, Sword of Electricity,Feather Armor

20Con,12Def,Con Boots, Ring of the Magician,Tripple Cutter ,Sword of the Northern King, Scouting Armor (the healing one)

12Con,20Agility,Agility Boots,Ring of Electricity,Assasin Dagger, Blade of the Shaolin

32Con,Con Boots, Ring of Harmony,Tripple Cutter, Blade of the Tank, Armor of the Defender

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this was so much better than that other battle generator you made.
It not that hard of game I din't follow your suggestion casue I was trying to find the optimal path to all medals.

A great timewaster, with a good amount of actual work you have to put into it

NOt a fan but ok

By far one of my favorite games on Newgrounds, especially during this online schooling sh!t. I think people like Balancegrim definitely overthink this, though he poses some good questions, for example how exactly Armor works (is it just an HP buffer or does it take less damage than your health would, and what is the chance of a hit ignoring my armor?), but overall it's a very fun game, much more well-made than most games of it's type.

I definitely agree with most of the comments on here, it's a great time-waster and definitely not an overly complex game, even if it can be a bit on the vague side. I feel like it'd be interesting if there were some boss fights with stats like yours, misschance and all. I also feel like it'd be nice if you could occasionally find items like on a real battlefield. When ancient warriors found their enemies' weapons, arrows, shields, etc. they had no problem taking them if needed.

All in all, one of the best games on NG, I'd suggest this in an instant for anyone in need of a good distraction without lowering productivity.

As a barebones (mobile) game this isn't bad. In fact, it's edging into good, but there are a few things holding it back from that.

There definitely needs to be a way to flip back between the different equips and stat creating pages. Its frustrating without it when you see a new item and can't go back to change your loadout or have to memorize all the later items in order to create a good build.

There's also a handful of items that do not have or have a very incomplete description of what they do: ring of the chosen one, dagger of the dark lord, soul dagger, what does casting a spell do?, what is the percent chance of dying randomly?, what is the damage of poison?, what is the damage of burning?, and knife of the sadist's description actually goes off the screen for the last part.

Finally, I have very little idea of how the game actually works. Most of my playing is just guess work on my end because there's no description of what the formulas are. How does armor work? is it a damage reduction? by percent? flat? is there a number of hits and some of them get redirected toward armor? does armor decrease per hit or over time? and by how much? how many attacks do enemies perform on me per second? does that increase over time? over higher kill rate? does the damage they deal increase over time or kill rate? do enemies have a health pool that my damage is compared against? is there a max amount that is there? how do they increase? do I have a number of attacks per second? does agility affect that or anything other than miss chance?

Aside from going through 50+ pages of comments I won't find answers to these questions, and even then it still likely wouldn't answer all of my questions (and probably not many). So again, edging into good but these issues need to be adressed for it to be securely there.