StickMan Adventures #1

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Ok so this is the first time im posting something on here so sorry if it sucks. Anyways So i drew this out of bordom on my tablet not on my comp since i dont have a graphics tablet. Anyways i did this on an app called FlipaClip, a flip animation app. This took me about 2 hours with 153 frames with clumsy uneddited drawing. Anyways so I was thinking If i should do like more of these with different scenarios so ill be making some of these and if i get views and good reviews i carry on if not then i wont. So what do you guys think?


Hey not bad but what beowolf666 and BlackKitsunes42 said music would help this out. Regarding a tablet to use I suggest saving whatever money you can and buy a wacom bamboo tablet. I use a bamboo fun for my computer. Also you don't need to make it sound like this is the worst you ever done due to limitations. All you need to do is put up your best work and see where it goes from there. One last thing did not mean to make it lengthy check out Draw with Jazza he can show you how to animate even though it is with adobe. I still think you should check him out.

Animae2 responds:

Yeah ill try to put in sounds next time i dont exactly know how to but i have an idea how. Anyways thanks for the review :) And yeah i watch Draw with Jazza his vids are really good ive learned quite a lot from him.

Advice: If you want good review take your time and edit your work, don't just rush and throw crappy stuff out because you didn't take the time to edit, people on newgrounds are patient. We take quality over quantity any day. Review: Has potential, the animation works, If you can I would suggest adding background music.

This is okay for a first NG animation but there are some problems. One problem is that there is no audio, another problem is that the animation is a bit jittery, and one last problem is that the The End wasn't done properly.

Animae2 responds:

yeah its jittery because its a frame animation with each frame drawn though i didnt have a pen or a graphics tablet to make the drawings more precise and smooth and better. Argh if only i had a graphics tablet i wouldve done it on flash and it wouldve been a lot better :(

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Aug 17, 2014
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