KtSW: Opening (BETA)

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Intro for my Flash series.
Anyone interested in making a new tune contact me via Private-Message.
There are a lot of little detaails that are pretty hard to see, have fun finding them!
Edit: Because of an accident, Loop remained acctivated, I suggest you to deactivate it.


Well, well! I found this opening to be quite great. Normally, I'm not content with intros being out there in the Flash Portal, but this was an outlier. It's finely animated and complete enough to fulfill my expectations for a Newgrounds movie.

The fact that you're drawing the characters yourself instead of using sprites makes me all that much more excited to see a full episode of this series. Keeping in mind that this is merely an intro, I do think it's a bit lengthy. Perhaps once you start making an episode, it might be a good idea to add a "Skip Intro" button for the intro.

One more thing... I think the music you've put in this movie is perfectly fitting. I think it'll be alright if you keep it.

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Kirb-Star responds:

Thank you! My main goal when planning this project was to make something different in Newgrounds and to give the franchise a bit more respect in the Internet.
Glad you liked it. I'll be working on the series' pilot soon.
I'll be also working on the Skip Intro button, I'm just not exactly sure how to do it :P
Pd: I also did the ending video (the one that appears a the end of each episode, can I upload it?)

This was a cool Kirby video. Good job.

Looks great so far, good luck with future judgment! 5/5 vote 4.5 stars

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This is nice. arts good, musics good and your animations good

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3.98 / 5.00

Aug 16, 2014
2:30 AM EDT