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Graduation Ceremonies

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Your videos are awesome man, they aren't the tryhard type of comedy which I love. Keep making em!

This is sooooooooo not how my graduation went AT ALL!

MINE WAS OUTDOORS! THE REST IS THE SAME, but the hot bleachers were just stiff concert seats

I have attended six graduations. I feel :( Anyways, the most interesting thing I've seen happen at a graduation was when the teachers confiscated/popped all the beach balls, someone decided to blow-up a condom. No one confiscated that, lol. Worst thing ever: one of the boring old speech-givers recycled the same speech every year. Word-for-word. Awesome video as always; makes something utterly horrible into something enjoyable :D

Managed to cover everything that happened at my graduation except for the part where the governor basically begged students not to leave his dead end state that was ruined because of his parties politics.

i have yet to attend a full graduation ceremony for exactly these reasons. I don't desire to sit down for hours while listening to a bunch of pomp and a list of names. I didn't go to my own graduation ceremony because all i wanted was a degree and I could get that without attending. Ceremony time could be greatly reduced by listening to 1 speech, 1 congratulation talk, giving the graduates their degrees individually, having a big meal, and then sending them on their way.a

I liked the well paced humor but I didn't like the monotone narration so I gave the video a 4/5.