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Koyaanisqlaksi consists primarily of slow motion and time-lapse footage of Clock Crew and many natural trophies across the Portal. The visual tone poem contains neither dialogue nor a vocalized narration: its tone is set by the juxtaposition of images and music. PhantomCat explained the lack of dialogue by stating "it's not for lack of love of the language that these films have no words. It's because, from my point of view, our language is in a state of vast humiliation. It no longer describes the NewGrounds in which we live."[1] In the Hopi language, the word Koyaanisqlaksi means "unbalanced time".[2] The film is the first in the Qlaksi trilogy of films: it is followed by Powaqqlaksi (1988) and Naqoyqlaksi (2002). The trilogy depicts different aspects of the relationship between clocks, NewGrounds, and technology. Koyaanisqlaksi is the best known of the trilogy and is considered a cult film. However, because of copyright issues, the film was out of print for most of the 1990s.[3]

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I never thought I'd see a parody of Koyaanisqatsi on Newgrounds, let alone one related to the Clock Crew. So this is genius.

PhantomCat responds:

You must've been digging pretty deep to even FIND this

a great clock-movie, inspired by the biggest crap in film ever.
koyaaakehkrkjerhj3 is a horrible movie.
your movie tho, is a great parody of that. and 2 hours shorter.
so you win the internets!

good movie my good phantomcat, and a great parody of a horrible movie.
you keep up the good work man!

PhantomCat responds:

You remind me of myself. I believe that the Seinfeld themesong is more historically significant than Like a Rolling Stone.
I am wrong.


That was very...artistic.

I wait for another movies from Qlaksi trilogy.

PhantomCat responds:

Coming soon to a snooty film festival near you

Alternatively, hundreds of dollars for a choppy DVD from the creator, or $5 for a perfectly crisp version on Amazon

This is a parody of one of my favorite movies. Therefore, I must 5.

PhantomCat responds:

Urine luck! The first two minutes are a second-for-second remake and the rest is DEEP CLOCKUMENTARY

I got the reference (it's Koyaanisqatsi).

PhantomCat responds:

We should share some microbrews and talk about global whatsits some time.