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The Artist

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the life that most of us artist may have experienced...
this animation should not be taken seriously. its just a visual exaggeration of how some artist maybe facing in their life.

I'm abit concern on people who may misinterpret the ending but this is my reason to the suicide scene. Because I know that suicide is a very sensitive issue to some people.

Basically, 2 guns appear in the entire animation. the shotgun and the pistol.
and, both guns appear within the room of the boss's office.

in the first scene we see the boss shoot down the artist's quote. its basically a visual metaphor of the boss not agreeing to his quote. it didnt meant literally the boss did took out a shotgun and shot it above him.

so with that said, the 2nd time we see a weapon, the pistol also happen within the confines of the boss's office. the artist took it out from his folder and shot himself.

we may say this could be literal suicide, but in the context of the first scene where the boss took out his shotgun, this scene of suicide is again a "visual metaphor" for the artist after he realise how little hes paid for the project.

also to further solidify the aspect of this theory, the rest of the scenes the artist experience is pretty much normal and nothing out of the ordinary. it only happen within the boss's office.

I play it from my personal experience of visiting the client's domain of wild thoughts going through my mind, like how the client may not take my offer or I end up blowing my proposal, its the same when I return back to get an update from them or my paycheque from them. So visually, the 2 scenes that happen in the boss's office is more or less a visual metaphor of what went through inside the artist's mind at that moment.

hope it clears up.

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One of my favorite animations of all times (along with your work-life balance piece).

Can't believe you make me cry with simple animation and well placed music.

Beautiful animation, sad and realistic story. 10/10 We should keep on going strong even when some people do not value us or our work. Never give up, please.

He should have shot the boss, but great animation and story.

It actually speaks to me right now because all day i've been thinking deep about this exact topic. I'm an freelance artist and I feel people just want to use your talent for little gain or respect for your craft.

Thank you for making this.

Movie was good. The ending was really sad.

This hits home.
Like you said in your description
"he life that most of us artist may have experienced..."

It is true that a lot of higher ups in companies, bussiness's, etc, do not take artists seriousely and don't pay them as well as they should.

But personally.
I'm use to it.
The key is to take as much freelance work as possible, spend wisely, or get a full time job as an artist.

I know its easier said than done (especially in this economy).

But there are some amazing artists who live comfortably.

It does happen. you just got to never quit your passion and establish a reputation with people who have alot more money than you do.

Its the world we live in today and I don't like it either.