Nintendo Rpg (Finished)

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I Finished my demo rpg like i said i would :) expect a sequal soon!


Not that great.

This was a very one sided game, no way I could find to lose, obvious things to do, no real possibilities. Just a one sided road. The plot wasn’t too bad, but the game play needs work, lots of work. It needs to have real options, like the possibility to lose, or to have one of them die, or make mistakes, you are practically pointing the players to the exit instead of only showing the entrance. Overall, not that good of a game.


Graphics: 5, Simple basic sprites, not even that good ones, either make this a worthy game, or don’t use sprites.

Style: 5, Didn’t have much of it, as I said before, an RPG, though painfully one sided, I mean, how many games do you know where you can’t lose?

Sound: 4, Some sound effects and a steady loop of sound in the background, nice but not enough, if I were you, more effects, and change the music once in a while.

Violence: 6, The fighting unfortunately counts though it was very shallow. As innovative as a dead end.

Interactivity: 3, Not even a play button, just straight to the fighting and then switching text. Not good.

Humor: 2, Not funny, not meant to be funny, but even if it was, it’s not.

Overall: 5, Average, I’ve seen worse on the portal, but I think you can do better, and if you have, please remove this title, by changing the title to deleteXx001 and switching the file to a blank screen, other entries you wish to delete are done the same, just with a rising number.

to easy!!!

not hard ot all!!! to easy!!! needs to harder!!! way harder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


you used the exact same damage system as the demo, no matter what u cant lose

It's Megaman... what can I say...

Minus the fact that I couldn't go into the castle, I still enjoyed this a lot... would love to see a triple teammate attack in the next one. I'll have to agree with the guy that posted his review before me... 5 now, the other 5 when the next part comes up.

true interactivity?

i would've like that to be Vertices. Its a good game but we don't really chose what we really want to do. the fake interactivity reminds me of ogre battle

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3.35 / 5.00

Oct 6, 2000
6:02 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG
  • Daily Feature October 7, 2000