Reviews for "Nintendo Rpg (Finished)"

wait nintendo rpg 2 demo? where is the first game?

A 6 for trying but you made a demo for the 2nd game when you havent even finish the first game. ._.

im sorry, this is just bad

there is literally no gameplay. it is inconsistent, you only click the first few gems then the rest is automatic. you cant choose who to attack. there is no explanation to why they hung jon. it is impossible to lose, the game forces you to when with some cheap move each battle. jon has no health bar and his attack is the same as his magic. the list goes on. i have no idea how this passed for a game.


Maybe in its day this was good, considering it was submitted in 2000.

I'm giving this a 4 because it is near impossible to lose. There are no wrong choices, no skill involved.

a game?

most people here just see their favorite Nintendo characters on a game and instantly like it -.-

You pretty much have no control over the game. You don't even get to pick which enemy you attack. When you click Magic the character does some random move that you don't even get to pick or know the effect of. I don't even think it's possible to lose in this game since there's always a part that you have no choice but to pick some superspeacialmegaoverpowereduber move. The only skill you need in this game is being able to point and click, the game pretty much beats itself. It's more like an interactive video then a game.

nice rpg

not exactly an rpg but its a nice try i hope to see the sequel