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Invert Selection

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Fill marked area by selecting, subtracting and inverting game field tiles.

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The core game itself is really good and surprisingly deep, but the presentation needs some serious work on usability and performance.

Visually, it's difficult to distinguish between shades of bright white. It strains the eyes after just a few minutes, and if my vision was even slightly worse it would have rendered the game unplayable to begin with.

The game is really, really slow -- gratuitous glowing on everything is a CPU killer, and animations to load, finish, and restart levels are pretty long to begin with. I wound up opening a forum tab specifically to kill time while it was chugging through animation, and probably spent half my time in those instead of your game.

The lag is a double problem, because it also means you drop enough frames that mouse drags don't register their start where I put them, and with no way to undo or cancel moves I have to sit through the long restart animation even more often than I would in the natural course of solving puzzles.

Not a lot to say except that this was a real sleeper. Reading the description, I wasn't expecting much, but I really like it. Great music, solid gameplay. You've put this concept together effectively. Deceptive too, because once you think you've mastered it, the challenge ramps up. And despite all the levels, it didn't get old. It just got tougher. This is one of those games that I finish slowly over a number of days. Great, thoughtful puzzle game.

Relaxing. And it's midnight. Me Gusta.

The biggest flaw is the colour choice. It is difficult to tell the different whites apart. A coloured blank square looks like a non-coloured white square. Different colours would have solved this problem.

The game itself is very slow. I'm annoyed at the wait time when it's loading the level and checking the solution.

It's very slow and boring until it gets to about level 25 as all the previous levels have very obvious solutions, at least to me. The first 5 levels had an unecessary tutorial as it was already designed to teach the player through play. When the challenge really starts, it's very satisfying to get the correct solution.

First I thought it is too easy. The tutorials levels are kinda long but it's okay.
But arround level 20 it starts getting interesting :)

I like the graphics and the sound. Nothing bad to say about this game.

Credits & Info

3.66 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2014
6:12 PM EDT