WHOOKOS [CONCEPT] - Episode: 1

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It's pretty okay, but there's a noticeable contrast between the hyper realistic environment and the much less detailed anime-esque style. You should also NEVER have an intro that takes a 1:20, especially for just your own logo expanding... I found it weird that you had to remove subtitles despite them being very useful, but for some reason left one in (yes, I know you acknowledged it, but you never explained why). The story honestly isn't that interesting to me, though that's more subjective. I didn't quite get the funniness of the jokes though. Someone playing Mario in their sleep somehow is so funny that it makes you fall over laughing? It just seems like a lot of overkill, paired with a story that I'm really not into. It's also very hard to lose yourself in a story that includes actual smoke gifs (or videos, I don't know what that was) in place of animating smoke.

"when I was removing subtitles"
Why. D: Couldn't you make them, I dunno, optional (turn on/off) or something?

Excellent work Scoot! The visuals are absolutely beautiful and the voice acting is great stuff as well (a few of Rat's lines were a little iffy though). The only weak link here is the story which did a good job introducing each character and defining their personalities but did little with presenting a fluid overarching narrative for the episode, leaving it a bit barren. However, this is the first episode so I'm sure this factor will improve in time with future updates in the series (I have absolute faith in you Scott).

Overall, I greatly enjoyed what I saw and am very excited to see what comes next. Keep up the good work mate!

Glad to see Whookos back, Absolutely love the new art style and animation. Can't wait to see more, me and my lady love this series a lot.

Just wanna add one more comment and raise that score again. I know it may sound stupid to some people but hey, I've been a fanboy for years and at a time you and Ego were the only reason I stick around on this site. Now it's you only though :x Well, even though I've been commenting on, like, every single site you posted this video on.
Just accept my 5 stars, even though I do recognize some flaws to this movie but I am in no position to critique an animation when I cannot even make one myself. Still love your works Scoot :3

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4.04 / 5.00

Aug 9, 2014
7:53 PM EDT
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