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Stolen Sword

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Stolen Sword is a gravity changing platform game. In this Knights 'n' Castles game you will find a lot of fun. The sword of the Knight is stolen by the Wizard which has enchanted the Knight with his magic. Try to get trough all levels by jumping and avoiding the scary pins. Every level will be more difficult. Enjoy this unique gravity game.

@webmasters: If you want to add it to your site get the zip package at: http://www.nowgamez.com (Games for your site)

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I was enjoying this game. In a lot of ways it re-imagines the idea of platforming.

But I've hit a strange bug: on level 18, there is a steady stream of bullets coming out of the gap in the wall above the key. The level is un-winnable this way. I checked the walkthrough, in it these bullets are not there. Was the game hacked?

I'll try reloading, but I'm not sure it will help.

Fun enough. Some timing is so precise, it was frustrating. That said, it was all do-able.

Still, same notes:
- 20 levels is just about the time I would stop playing it is not the last level
- What is the logic of the wizard using magic on the knight just so the knight can storm the castle?
- Minor Spoiler:
The game has a into (good), but where is the ending??(No good)

It plays about as well as your average gravity game. Nothing too new or interesting, but it prompted some fridge logic. Why doesn't the knight just get another sword? And why does the wizard want the sword anyway?

To be honest, I only played the first few levels. It's fun, but it's about as engaging as a brick wall. Sorry.

Good puzzle game, although frustrating at times!
Was maybe wondering if there was capacity for an enemy you could physically fight en route to the exit?

All in all though, a charming game.

Great game!)))

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

Aug 8, 2014
4:16 AM EDT

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