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PI has turned crazy. Roll around his circle. Avoid obstacles by jumping, and switching sides of the circle .
Catch its decimals to get points and bonus and get the best score !

3 game modes :
- Pursuit : Catch PI to go the next level
- Survival : Do not touch PI. Survive the levels has long as possible.
- Flap'pi : Catch PI without touching the ground .

Controls :
CTRL : Switch | SPACE : Jump | P/ESC : Pause

Also available for Android on Google Play :

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best game ever

The two game play mechanics, jumping and switching, are very solid. I also enjoy the hazards that the PI symbol throws at you. The AI is pretty good. Even switching sides just as you are about to reach it. That made me pass it more than once. I found that the best tactic is to wait for it to be halfway across from where you are and double jump through the middle to get it.

I also think that the power ups are cool. Too bad they didn't show up very often. I think an option to increase how often they appear would be neat. The meteor storm power up killed me for good during one of my playthroughs. I guess that isn't really a power up then... I think that getting an extra life every 5 or 10 levels would also be a great way to keep the combos going. Or if you get the PI symbol very quickly a certain amount of times you could get a 1UP.
The problem with a game that gets progressively more difficult like this is that once you lose at a difficult level you have to start all over with the easy ones, so a way to extend the current game would be welcome. I will say that you did a great job balancing out the different kinds of levels. Like having a collectathon level where you can try to live for a long time and collect a lot of points before catching the PI symbol to end the level.

I enjoy the first two game modes more than the second one. My main issue is that the PI symbol is very hard to hit when you are moving very fast and you are more likely to hit the center red circle. I think that making the PI symbol a bit bigger in that mode would make it much more approachable. At least during the first few levels.

It took me all of about 20 seconds of playtime to come to conclusion that this game is absolutely fantastic.

Great game theme!

This game was quite fun to play. What I really loved was the ability to move around a circle, & the fact that it has something to do with pi. I'm enthusiastic about pi, & have memorized many of its' digits. Plus, there are 3 different game modes to keep things varied! Well done!

Vote: 5/5
Review: 4.5/5


Doesn't load for me.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2014
3:52 PM EDT

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