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Apple Catcher

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Author Comments

An arcade that consists in catching red apples, avoiding green ones and collecting the speed power ups.

Controls: left and right arrows.

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Good gamee i liked it ! But running animation and mute botton will be great !

BTW i got 256points :3

Garuflax responds:

Glad you liked it. :) There is a mute button on the menu (MUSIC)

Good try.

The graphics are okay, but could use a lot of work, mostly on the menus and the player. Maybe add a background to the main menu, and game over screen. Also the graphic style is a little inconsistent, the ground looks sorta smooth, and the apples, but then trees and player are pixelated.

The gameplay is very simple, but sort of confusing. You get the red apples for 10 points, but if one falls on the ground, you lose health, and if you catch the green apples, they take 10 points, which is sort of strange. I thought they would take health away, and red apples falling on the ground take points away. Maybe make the speed of them falling faster, you know, to make it more intense.

The controls don't seem to work. You have to press them for awhile, and then he moves very far. If you tap them, nothing happens. Sometimes they just do nothing. They are not very good controls.

Nice try, but try harder, maybe learn your tools a little more!
Keep trying!

It was a pretty fun little arcade game. The only improvements I can think of are maybe a running animation for the guy and a better detailed tree. Otherwise, it's a nice, basic arcade-style game.

This game isn't bad, but there are a few things that could be improved about it. First off, there needs to be a 'mute' button. I'm not a huge fan of the music, and it gets a bit irritating after a while of listening to it. Second, while the gameplay isn't bad, there's a distinct lack of variety. While I'm aware there aren't a lot of things that could be added to the game, there are still SOME. Some suggestions: yellow apples, acorns, certain colored apples that are an immediate game over if collected, etc. More power ups could be added as well to keep the game interesting. While it was fun the first 50 apples, afterwards it simply got repetitive and impossible to play unless a speed boost dropped nearby. That all said, it's still a good game for what it is.

Garuflax responds:

I added a mute button and i'll take the other ideas into account.
Thanks for your review.

I find the music amazingly compelling, it really makes the game enjoyable, the pacing is really nice, and the concept is simple, yet challenging, but not too challenging. The two major flaws in the game have to be the art quality, its too simple, and didn't add much to the game. Despite this I probably would've reviewed this as a 4 just because I found myself continuing to play, and enjoying it, the music was upbeat, and just seemed to fit surprisingly well, but then the game became too fast for my character, after collecting an apple then racing towards the next one as soon as it came up failed, and the only way I seemed to be able to keep up was with the power-up, but those fell faster than the apples. My suggestion would be to increase the movement speed of the character, or maybe have it increase time progresses. There's a problem when a game goes from really challenging to luck based/unplayable.

Garuflax responds:

Concerning the art, i'm very bad making draws. Furthermore, i'll try to make the apple spawn closer to the character in order to fix the luck base.
I'm glad that you liked my game.