Vegeta Vs. Mewtwo Death B

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Author Comments

Vegeta vs. Mewtwo Death Battle / Dragon Ball Z vs. Pokemon Cartoon Parody

The most greatest Pokemon vs. Dragon Ball Z battle ever in the anals of history, where the ultimate goal is to live inside a Super Sayans asshole.

This cartoon was inspired by all the Vegeta vs. Mewtwo cartoons I've been watching and was mostly written while I was improv-ing some random Japanese voices off the top off my head into my digital camera. I edited the voices together and animated it and now we have this.

Anyway, this is either the greatest thing I ever made, or the stupidest piece of shit I ever crapped out of my brain. Honestly, I can't even tell anymore.

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I Love You, pal. Promise me you'll keep making these, No Matter what anybody says or If you get (even more) shitty ratings. Please don't stop. I'm laughing so hard right now.

tonyfamous responds:

Thanks again. :-) I'm been doing stuff like this for a while. I got a bunch more on Youtube. I'll post some of my new stuff on here if I think it's right for the site. :-)

not only was this horrible but u need to get facts straight vegeta cant do kamehameha even if ur bn funny which it was nt cause ur humor is for urself only at least make ur jokes legit he wouldve used galick gun

It's not I dislike completely forced humor.
It's just that even forced humor has a limit, and this is totally beyond it.

this is really bad...none of this was exicuted in an actually funny manner...the whole delivery of your jokes were really terrible...this isn't even like...remotely a good submission...youneeed to put some type of work into it....ESPECIALLY if you want it to be bad and good...

tonyfamous responds:

Believe it or not, this particular cartoon came out exactly the way I wanted it to. It was an experimental piece I did. Anyway, no problem if you don't like it. I personally don't expect most people to get my sense of humor.

Interesting voice acting, which is the best part of this submission, but that doesn't mean it is remotely good. No great animation or story. And you seem to have a bad cae of anal fixation. ;)

tonyfamous responds:

why does everybody think I was trying to make it good. too much work. i was going for stupid and funny.

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2.00 / 5.00

Aug 6, 2014
9:57 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody