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Learn basic Japanese 2

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Quick Note*

I might have to sacrifice animation in order to maintain consistency, but I have not sacrificed quality and content, I hope you guys still like the new format, me and Mariko Sensei appreciate your amazing support! :)


Learn basic Japanese language Anime style - Part 2

Mariko Sensei here, welcome to the second part of how to learn the basics of Japanese language. I hope you enjoy it.


Animation and Design:



Voice acting:

Rina "Mizura" Adachi


Music background:

"In the Skies" by Hektik


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Another fun educational installment. Glad to see so many more on the way

Which is correct J-pan language syntax:

ニガー おねがいします


どうぞ ニガー

I waited and waited...and waited. At no point did a bunch of slimy tentacles jump out and ripped her clothes so she could be....nevermind,my point being-I want my money back!

P.S.: informative and professionaly done,the only problem is her mouth...they do not move,and yes,it is creepy...
P.P.S.:You know there is a lot of work ahead of you if you mean to teach us japanese like this,right?

TheSin responds:

Mariko Sensei: We want to help you with the basics and hopefully you will take the rest on your hands, but we can try to make it happen if you, the people want it to happen. ^-^


Really nice!
It's really easy to learn this stuff with this, and it's actually fun too!
Arigato Mariko Sensei! (or at least, that's how I think you say "thank you" :D)
Can't wait untill the next episode! :)

TheSin responds:

Mariko Sensei: I'm glad this video helped you.
Dōmo arigatō *^-^*