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Planet Boom

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An evil force has infected our solar system! To save our planets you have to survive 30 seconds from the inner inferno by handling and rotating the surface of 10 different planets.
Try to dodge the infernal fireballs by directing them through the holes on the planet's surface.

Safe your planet from colliding with the fireballs by moving your mouse cursor around the planet
ESC - Leave the current level.

This game will be added to http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiequilt soon!

Also check out our other space game "Astro Death Boom":

Free music by Kevin Kerr: http://www.kevinkerrmusic.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/WavingMonkyz
Facebook: www.facebook.com/25games
Homepage: www.25games.net

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It was pretty good. Good music, gameplay's dynamic and the world designs are nice, but the best is the explosion sound effect.

25games responds:

Haha, thank you :D
Yes, the explosion sound effect took the most of the time :)

Very good! Really enjoyed it and a good learning curve. First few levels got you usto the feel of it then each one from then added a new challenge!
Level 9 was a pain!
Got lucky on level 10 though haha

Only thing, I THINK I will need to double check. But the mute option didn't work in game I found?
But il give benefit of the doubt!

25games responds:

Thank you man!
Nice to see that we did a better balancing than in our previous games :D
I can't reproduce the issue with the mute button, but it's still very likely that there is a problem.

Thank you, that you created this awesome original music for us! Everything was going very well and without any problems :)

Different than I imagined, and I never see anything like this before. This is pretty original for me. Try to add more elements so it's not gonna be same objective only .. But keep up ;)

25games responds:

Thank you :)
We try out new gameplay elements, so it's cool that you liked it :)
Since we created this game for a game-jam, we had to observe some rules.

Fair enough..... but it could need more features kay? like pausing or limited lifes

25games responds:

Thank's for your comment ;)
Check out the IndieQuilt-Jam: http://jams.gamejolt.io/indiequilt - there are some great games! We want to submit this gmae there and really don't know if a pausing-feature is allowed. But yes, you're right :) In our opinion the game has some potential. Maybe we'll make a 'big' version of it one day with more features. Thank's again for your comment. It shows us, that there exists some interest and that we have a lot more things to consider ;)

This is an interesting skill game. Decent job overall.

25games responds:

Thank you :)

Credits & Info

2.83 / 5.00

Aug 5, 2014
12:51 PM EDT

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