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When I'm Scared

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"When a young rabbit goes to his first job interview, he can't help but feel completly scared. What will he do to get over it?"

I made this short film as a personal project, it was supposed to be something simple I could finish in a month or two but in the end it took a lot longer to finish! I wanted to make a new short film with a simple story to focus on art and animation and around that time I came across Ze Frank's song, and it inspired me to do something with it :)

You can buy Ze Frank's song over here zefrank.bandcamp.com/track/scared !


Animation, Story and art: Fernanda Frick FernandaFrick.com
Compositing, post-production and sound: Glenn Lazo glennlazo.blogspot.com/
Song: Ze Frank zefrank.com/


The song is amazing and the animation is epic! Some how, this actually works for me.

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other people: *gives me stares*

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The water color-esk animation style is beautifully well done. Coming from a time where I am going through a lot of fruitless interviews and life directions are uncertain I find this video to be uplifting and relatable. 5 starts for brightening my day!

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So cute. <3

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This is soooooo beautiful, all the way around. The title sounds like a kids' book -- and frankly, in today's economy, it should be a kids' book. But it works so well as an animation, too. It's mellow and uplifting and flowing and sweet. Congrats to all of you, this is such a wonderful thing you've done. <3

"And then the rabbit walked into his interview, realizing that no matter what happened, if he got the job or not, he had the confidence to do anything and it would be a good day. THE END."

*applauds* ...heck, I might even start humming this before my next job interview. =P

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4.39 / 5.00

Aug 4, 2014
9:31 PM EDT
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