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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Bad Advice 01: Phone Gas

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How to deal with a new phone.

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Nice joke! It reminds to me "Григорий Остер - Вредные Советы"*, cool book full of such tips.
*Grigory Oster - Bad Advice.

Amazing as alway, Weebl. You can rest easy knowing those who've watched this will be safe when it is time for an upgrade.

Flabbergastingly humouring!..

I will allow myself a... Subculture joke, limiting. Excuse me for that.
[THAT BOOK: Григорий Остер - Вредные Советы x)) ]

I thought it was going to be a phone that runs on gasoline. Because you know, the world has an endless supply of it.

I knew it