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What? Voltorb is evolving

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Author Comments

This is an animation that I never finished but it was all storyboarded and shit, so I thought I may as well upload it SO I'M SORRY IT'S NOT FINISHED BUT I'M NEVER GOING TO FINISH IT SO I THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD ENOUGH <3

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Another pokemon parody, like i haven't seen anything this before. I am wondering what made you upload an unfinished eyesore. No one wants to watch an animatic. If you don't feel that this is worth your time to finish, than I feel that it is not worth my time to suffer through it twice.

LitPower responds:

I mean I haven't touched it for a year and I thought the joke may give a couple of people a chuckle here and there, and I don't know why you watched through it twice that literally has no impact on me as I did not force you to watch through it twice haha xD

As it is only an animatic I can't really come up with some tech feedback, except, I really liked the joke. I thought it was taking too long on the build up, but it turned out great.

LitPower responds:

I'm glad you liked it lol, yeah I mean I would've finished it but I just lost interest and my tablet broke so ya know, there really wasn't an insentive xD

That was really funny, too bad you gave up on finishing it.

LitPower responds:

Lol well ya know, thought I'd share it anyways :P

Its still kind of entertaining, and whats done is alright. I'd laugh pretty hard if he had facial emotions through all of this while not moving.

LitPower responds:

Well like I said, It's been a year since I've even touched this project so there was no hope in finishing this, may as well upload this right lol xD

Terrible animation , bad storyline , not funny , this doesn't deserve much.

LitPower responds:

Well it's an unfinished piece of work and I was sharing it with NG just in case someone enjoys it somewhat, but clearly you're not one of them lol :P