Crimson Punch!

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I put a lot of confusion in this flash movie. In the flash movie, I put what was going on in my mind. Instead of putting in 2013, I put 2003. Instead Of the Dievo Xee Mentec Awards, I put in the VGX awards. Instead of Joel McHale, I put Joll Mikael. I did this to confuse the audience about the controversy about all the people whining and being mean to Joel McHale from VGX 2013! I thought this was not okay. I knew that Joel McHale was being rude on the awards show is because he lied to them and he actually hates video games. I just want everybody who made fun of the VGX awards who hated Joel McHale to open their eyes and see that Joel McHale was being rude on purpose. My drawing isn't perfect. I usually rush in my artwork. The animation and story line may not make sense to you, but when you think about it, the animation and story line still make sense.

Crimson Punch Saves Joll Mikael From The Two Year Olds Who Hate him! Based On A True Story In December, 2003!



This whole thing is really simple but i like it!

um well I in 2003 GTA4 hadn't even come out yet... I could be wrong... anyway your artwork needs improvement, the animation was ok, I didn't care for the story line to much cause it seemed like it was a movie whining about people whining, but i did like the music up until the end credits... well credit anyway the mix of music was annoying.

Very crude and unattractive with minimal sound and not interesting to me at all, but still a full story with the basics I require to pass it keeping on NG.
If you know how to put sound on then why don't you put a few more on instead of just a dull repetative soundtrack?

this was insane and battle-tastic, but i kinda liked it.
interesting story?

is it inspired by true flame-wars on GTA V?

also the main character is cool, and the fighting scenes were swift and cool to watch..
good movie, but tell me:
-who is the main character? the blue guy? and whats his backstory?
-what happened in the end? did blue guy got kicked out of the window? and why?

(did you used tweens, or FBF? it was a fast movie...)
ok film.

This was just not interesting nor was there much good action.

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2.06 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2014
2:40 PM EDT