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The game has just ben released it might take a while since automatic game matching starts working. Because if there are not a lot of people playing, it wont find opponents. Use the "Play With.." option instead.

Command your army to achieve victory in this turn-based multiplayer game.

Each turn you make 3 moves. The goal is to move the Flagman of your team to the opposite starting position (the enemie's team flagman's position)

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could be a good game but for me it's just infinite loading simulator, so i'm gonna give it a neutral rating.

This game can be good if only there was no bug and/or correct spelling would make the game better. i'm just saying

-fin luis noah seibert

no offence for new game developers but better coding might fix ze bugs

This game contains spelling errors and bugs. With more work and polish, it could be a great game.

I like this and I see potential here. Lookin' forward to the updated versions. :)

This game has potential but the only one who can make it any better than its current beta stage is you, and YOU have to be the one to make an effort to make it better.

The game play is all over the place but needs a lot of coding done to fix all the smaller bugs. (I played this game with Ragnarokia.)

First, you need to fix the game play. The archer is incredibly broken, just have everyone else move forward a row and the archer is free to pretty much KO everyone on the opposite side while all other characters absorb damage for them. If you happen to take out your opponent's archers on the first couple of turns then they will be at a severe disadvantage. Should fix it to where the archer can only hit so far ahead instead of being able to hit the opposite end without moving forward.

Second, the Witch is spelled as WHICH, could be ironic since I couldn't figure out which spells to use with her or what spells if any she had at all. Clicking on others near her did nothing at all. What point does she serve in the game of chess? I would figure she could at least serve to beef up or heal allies but she does not even seem to do that.

Third, the gaming lobby is a bit sluggish for guests. Even though it is starting out, doesn't seem to have many people so could try to advertise the game a bit more once it's patched up a bit. Also, trying to get users to pay for a premium account to give you money to improve the game seems bad. I would be ok if the game was nearly finished and had little to no errors or bugs needing to be fixed but to be doing it right off the bat doesn't seem to be working for now. Should maybe hold off on suggesting Premium accounts until the game is in a much further stage of development.

Fourth, the game is not entirely translated yet it appears. Some stuff in the English portion of the game is still untranslated. Having a Knight click on a Knight results in foreign stuff showing, what does the ability do? Also, at the bottom of English stuff, Attack and Defense shows as "Attack y Defense."

Fifth, would be nice if the camera was used a bit more. You can turn it which is good. Would be nice if the camera was positioned for each player's side. (ie. Red vs. Blue, you're blue, camera shows blue on the right or Blue vs. Red, camera shows Blue on the left) Camera being able to move can be a bit useful I guess.

Lastly, the game is still pretty buggy and an obvious beta. Time going to 0:00 does not change the turn at all, the game just idles. I ended the game with Ragnarokia when I encountered a glitch. Moving a character to a spot where another character was a moment earlier causes the game to halt. I'm think it's because the game's coding freezes because it doesn't know how to handle the situation. (ie. I moved a knight to the left, the next knight moves forward where the previous knight just was, hit space to do turn and then the game stops.)

One of the only good points of the game currently is the graphics and at that I'm not expecting much since it just seems to be you making all the character models, and making 3D character models can take a bit of time. The music also seemed to be alright and fit.

Overall, game has potential but it has a long way to go before being considered decent.

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1.73 / 5.00

Aug 2, 2014
1:11 PM EDT
Strategy - Other