Rise Episode 1

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took a while. but its finaly out.
thank you to all those involved.
thank you.


This has a real strong Peter Chung vibe. Try defining the outlines of the sets and characters more and it will really pop. Only three stars due to the characters and objects melding too much with the background and the sound is very inconsistent and hard to hear.

If you do not know who Peter Chung is then look up Aeon Flux.

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stormkill responds:

Thank you so much.
That complement means a lot to me.
I actually really look up to Peter Chung. He was the reason I got into animation.

I like the simple art style and the story direction. The only thing is next time around increase the volume on the voice actors.

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I love this animation style the voice acting is pretty good
when you can here it but I still feel this is incomplete I think
You should have spent more time on this polishing this up
But I will be keeping an eye on your work in the future

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Looks pretty surreal and it feels hand drawn.
It feels like a moving painting overall.
I like it.

I love this style of animation.
Sorta reminds me of that Oscar-winning "Old Man and the Sea" animation.

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stormkill responds:

good eye, its was all hand drawn. glad you like it. i am making another one to fallow up this one.

Very interesting style of drawing, I like it. In the interest of honest, hopefully usefull feedback, I'll say that the audio didn't seem quite put-together very well. It was hard to understand some of the voices, they seemed very low and echoey. It might just be my audio, though, so if nobody else says anything about it, just ignore that. Other than that, very nice! :-)

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stormkill responds:

actually to be honest, im going to have to make sure the next one i upload will be better. i was trying really hard to get this one done, and it was very much a hard learning curve. but i will try harder next time. thank you.

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3.51 / 5.00

Aug 1, 2014
9:34 PM EDT