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The Hobbit in 30 Seconds

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35 Seconds, whatevs.

A short piece created for a college assignment.
We originally had about 2 minutes of audio to work with, but had cut it all down to 35 seconds because college briefs stifle creativity.

A huge thanks to Stamper for doing an amazing job on the voice over/sound effects. He also did some music for it too, but we had to chop it all up so much that we had to cut it and do our own "music" instead (download below).


Bilbo Animation/Character Design: Ian McCall
Set Design/Lighting/Animation: Rob Guiton
Voice Over/Sound Effects: Stamper
Script: Stamper, Ian and Rob
Music: Ian and Rob (download below)





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awesome animation

Stampers voice acting makes it. Great job.

More effort could've gone into it but for a college assignment i'd say it was very, very impressive.

I bet your classmates were like- "Why the fuck didn't we do this?"

CeleryMan92 responds:

haha thanks dude. Nah had we complete freedom to do it we would have gone for the 2 minute mark, but our lecturer was pretty insistent that 35 seconds was the maximum - way to encourage a hard work ethic eh?

Oh also, this particular assignment was only worth 60% of that overall module, and we had 5 other modules on top of it to keep on top of, but this did generally see most of our attention

You say "The Hobbit in 30 seconds", but the bar alredy appear like 35... :P
Nonetheless, still funny and pretty accurate to say so, though you kind missed the part of the war, but could at least said that Bilbo slept all the way and then went back home, that would add 5 sec more, tops. XDDD

CeleryMan92 responds:

Yeah i know haha but we originally had around 2 minutes of voice over to work with, but we had to condense it all down so much that a good half of it got scrapped :P

Certainly more accurate than some of the movies. ;-)