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Dark Sauce Part 3

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Part 3 of the Dark Sauce (Dark Souls parody) series.
The Chosen Undead vs Seath(Seth) the Scaleless.

Music by:
Kevin MacLeod
Dark Souls Original Soundtrack
Ren and Stimpy Production Music

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hahahaha, once again, a great parody of dark souls!
you should make more like this, it had MANY good moments, and many funny stuff in it!
the start is cool, as you combined fraampt's voice audio when to speak with him (or when you wake him up), and you combined it with your knight trying to wake him up with many ways, (horn, aircraft, jackhammer, etc etc), and then only his sword manages to awaken the old serpent!
and i also like the part where fraampt said ''WHAT? you fool, you destroyed everything... and-OH WELL, its ok, i have many godvessels, over there!''. pretty funny.
and his line ''hate the game, dont hate the serpent'', was clever. nice pun, m8!
also, i loved the fight with the ghey dragon/librarian seath the scaleless, the part where the knight talked about his lack of eyes, and the abudance of books was quite hillarious!
also i liked seeing the other DS bosses playing cards, it was cool.
it was generally a great movie, nicely animated, with a fluid animation, and some nice pace, action and humour, while the face expressions and the movements where very nicely animated and drawn, and the movie was very swift in general.

a great movie to witness, and i would like to see more like this!
keep up the good work!

I started rewatching this series from the beginning when I saw a third episode was out, and remembered the guy in the beggining who the Chosen Undead said he would kill someday. I really hope that he does as a callback to the first episode. (Also cuz I hate that guy, the "crestfallen Warrior"; he's such a smug douchebag, always laughing at you and sitting around doing nothing)

I luv the dark sauce series so funny and entertaining

5 stas and a million points....cuz you made it farther than i ever did in that damn game

Hipster Seath is best Seath, love em!
And I swear I hear 'dark shit' at 1:28...

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4.51 / 5.00

Jul 31, 2014
6:06 PM EDT