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Back in my day...

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Screw how things are today! Everything was better back in the day!!

It's because of newgrounds that it freezes at the end. It's not supposed to do that.

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I will stay here with my computer it's more safe.

Very origional and the animation was clean!

I just noticed Grandpa's chiseled chest. Also, I got to agree that back then times were better... Nice work!

I love this! Your style and comedy are great! I'm trying to better myself with both animation and writing, so this was a great motivator for me! Thanks man and keep it up!

TheSilleGuy responds:

No problem! :)

Nice cartoon, the punchline was funny in an ironic sort of way and the kids voice cracked me up at the end. But the two main kids look too similar even their color palets were very close. The voice for the old man bothered me as it was obviously the same person. And their was little to no movement. But overall nice little cartoon. Keep it up.