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Rupee Clicker

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Author Comments

Click the big Red Rupee to gain Rupees, then buy from the Old Man things to gain Rupees Per Second (R/s)

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UPDATE 2: Didn't realize game was from 2014, rofl

UPDATE: Game doesn't save lmao, not sure if intentional

- Purchase cost for Heart Pack is displayed as 2500, yet I'm able to buy it for only 250 rupees. Purchase price doesn't seem to increase, and can only be bought up to three times (I imagine this limitation is intended, however. In case it isn't though...)
-Similarly, the Fire Pact is displayed as 25000, but I think I got it for only 2500? Clicked too fast on this one so not sure about actual amount, but I definitely did NOT have 25K at that point. Only able to be bought once, not sure if intended or not.
-Game pauses out of tab; Easily noticeable by music suddenly stopping.

Display Recommendations:
-While the dropping items on the right side menu are very interesting to watch build up, one can imagine how lag might build up after a certain point.
-List of items that can be purchased seems nice, but it would be good to know how much each item is providing. (Potions: 0.2R/sec, Arrows: 0.8R/sec, Bomb: 4.0R/sec, etc. it seems)
-As others have mentioned, soundtrack is nice, but only one soundtrack; No Mute button or volume slider.
-Additionally, you can't see how many times you've bought a particular item; only way to do so is to manually count how many of each thing appear in the side, which is... uh, cluttered and buried by potions, bombs and clocks

Suggested Upgrades:
Click Upgrades:
inQman brought up a very interesting point in his review: To hold up with the games, adding a click multiplier and changing the color of the main Rupee is a brilliant idea. I'd recommend: Green, x1;
Blue, x5;
Yellow, x10;
Red, x20;
Purple, x50;
Orange, x100;
Silver, x200;
Gold, x300.
(These are based on the value of the rupees in the games. Some games vary the values of certain rupees, and other games have rupees absent completely; Silver rupees were equal to blue rupees in Ocarina of Time, though they were used mainly as puzzle pieces, while they were upped to 100 in Majora's Mask, then upped to 200 in Wind Waker when Orange -totally not bronze- took the 100 spot. Yellow rupees are also pretty rare; I think they appear only in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess? One thing to keep in mind is you may not want to use some of these if you want to keep the retro theme.)

-Item Upgrades:
Usually Clicker/Idle games have upgrades you can buy to multiply the amount of currency you obtain for each building/item, etc.

Some suggestions to keep in line with the series:
--Red Potion
--Green Potion
--Blue Potion

-Fire Arrow
-Ice Arrow
-Light Arrow/Shock Arrow
-Bomb Arrow

-Water Bombs
-??? (Forget the name and function, but pretty sure Twilight Princess had a third type of bomb that you eventually unlocked)
-Powder Keg

-Red Ring
-Blue Ring
-...Uh, the Pendants from ALTTP?

-Uh, I'm actually at a loss here. Only time-themed thing I can think of is are the Time Stones in Skyward Sword and then the Ocarina of Time...

-...Yeah, pretty much same situation.

-Small Key
-Boss Key/Big Key
-Temple/shaped keys from Skyward Sword??

All in all, although not very advanced, it's a great idea at a clicker game with decent potential in the future. Only two major downsides are the lack of soundtrack control and the fact that the game doesn't seem like it's a long term investment in terms of gameplay time.

Also strongly recommended, though by no means required: Medals are magnets for Newgrounds games and give a fun challenge for players to compete.

Other than that... You can never go wrong with a Zelda themed game.


rupee should have been green then upgraded to colors for each click, i.e. upgrade to blue for 5 per click, yellow for 10, red 20, etc. possibly put more songs to play as rewards. possibly the only clicker game I'll ever play long term. another option would have been to cut grass and have the rupees appear.

GigixMayesty responds:

Thanks a lot for the feedback, i'm working on it :D

I would like it if you could turn off the music, that way I could go to youtube and let it go for a while. Heck while you're at it, why not put music from other zelda games besides the first one?

GigixMayesty responds:

I will add more songs and a mute button :)

Rupee clicker is love, Rupee clicker is life