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Tirone (Jacob Streilein), the spare tire on the back of Jeep, leaves his group of bullying peers to search for a new purpose. When nothing seems to work out, Tirone's life rolls away as he spirals into depression.

A short film by Megan McShane.

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I expected something related with a tire swing but with a brighter message. Nevertheless, I've loved it!

Imagine if killing oneself could automatically give you a better way to live your life
Sounds like a way to start an isekai

this was a nice animation, altough it is a comedy it has a real meaning, in life u may not know what u are meant for u try different things and nothing works and then one day u realize your true purpose) the ending was a bit sad I hope there is a part 2 were he finds himself enjoying being that simple tire swing for kids to enjoy)

The only way this could have been better is if a little kid ran up and started playing on it. Or... actually... maybe that wouldn't have been better. I dunno. Liked the film though!