Alone: Meditate Existence

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WARNINGS- Seizure Warning (strong use of flashing images)


O-reset level

LEFT/RIGHT- Movement

Z - Jump Height 1

X - Jump Height 2

R (hold down) - Rest

Down- Pickup Medicine

I - Inventory

1-5 - Use Medicine (when inventory is open)

Run time: 45-75 minutes

This game was designed to be completed within one sitting, For that reason there is no save system of any kind.

Mild Sexual content

Warning Experimental: This game is experimental, the purpose is not to be "fun" or "good" but to do something that couldn't be done in a commercial space.

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I'm sorry man, I read the reviews and saw talk about artsy experimental games, and I usually love those games, so I tried hard to see the concept in this one, but it was just too rough.

So we start in the seizure area, then after a few falls we end up in a colorless area which seems to have much different rules. Sometimes we can move, sometimes we can't, sometimes we can jump, sometimes we can't. We can rest, which seems to re-enable the jumps, but there's no feedback as to how much energy we have. There's a battery constantly draining, but seems unrelated to the energy of whether we can jump. Resting flashes a lightning bolt next to the battery, but it doesn't seem to change the rate of discharge. There's a face that seems to get bloody at random intervals... are we getting hurt bumping walls? I honestly can't tell. We've got a handful of dash boxes, which don't ever seem to refill. Once I thought I got one back while resting, but was not able to reproduce it.

Anyway, after struggling through a few screens, not really sure what I was doing, I eventually got to a little house and slept for a while, which seemed to recharge the battery a bit. But then it was back into the confusing terrain, and honestly, by that point it'd been a frustrating half hour and I couldn't figure out how to play, so I called it quits.

I love surreal games with lots of symbolism. I enjoy vague games where you have to figure out the rules as you go. I really think I enjoy the type of game that this was supposed to be. But honestly, this was just too unapproachable. A few more visual cues might have saved it (a flash of red when taking damage, some feedback as to the energy level or at least when resting was beneficial).

I probably would have loved it if I could figure out how to play, but I just couldn't figure it out. If you clear it up a bit, I'd love to give it a replay.

very interesting concept and style, the gameplay is tedious sometimes, but i guess that's the point of the game. I don't think I'll finish it, though, sorry for not taking the time to see all of your vision

I, I just don't know.

I don't know how to play it, I don't know what it mean, and I don't know if those first two are obvious.

:^: I really want to get something out of this, but I can't


be prepared for strobing and obnoxious noise

if you read comments before you play, prepare some sungalsses or make sure you are not sensitive to constant flashing images which could cause headache and nausea. this asshole didnt even put up a warning for this.

nope nope nope nope nope. firstly as some commonsense of developers, you have to put warning of constant flashing light, in case players got nausea or shit like that, you see even some really unflashy games has that, so it is very irresponsible to leave it out. personally i have no problem but these constant flashing is annoying as FUCK, which takes the score away.
secondly as a developer you fail to make the game right. if this is an art game then it should't be so hard, or the instructions are meant to be clear. if you argue this is a platformer then this is a disaster.
more refinement could be made but lacking too much so no star for you.

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1.07 / 5.00

Jul 25, 2014
4:18 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other