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This is something I started in uh....January? So yeah, I getting to stuff, slowly but surely finishing everything.

I have like 10 projects in various levels of completement

This is just an experimental thing I did with photoshop and MMD for an experiment to see what it would look like if I messed with it

It's just a short concept video to test how how to make 3D art look cel-shaded. Now that I understand that process I can make other things with it

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gunshots too loud

good job but it´s not perfect. It´s not like "omg that was so nice, I have to share it everywhere and watch it 100 times per day" if you understand what I mean ;) Keep that good work! 3,5/5 is still good I think.

fucking loved the graphic style, ive seen some other works from you kagemusha and gunmetal black and everything is amazing, in this one i kinda like the rough outline around the main character, damn i cannot put in in words but your work is fucking awesome!

Kel-chan responds:

It took forever to make- I had to export the frames and then outline everything frame by frame. I prolly won't be able to do it for something like kagemusha but I may experiment with doing it in other series

Animation looks like a PS2 game. 4 stars for the gun kata!