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(Highly Recommended)


(suggested) To play the game as intended in a 720p resolution, go to :



Game developed in 48 hours as part of the Brains Eden 2014 game jam; in association with Jagex and Sony Guerilla: Cambridge.


Stratform is a strategic platformer where you direct a robot saboteur through a facility, destroying enemy robots and reaching the teleporters as fast and efficiently as possible

Kill more enemies and reach the exit fast to gain a high score.



-Use left mouse button to select and place command markers
(use right mouse button to remove any unwanted markers)

-Once happy with your markers, click the 'GO' button to make
Max run

-use WASD to shoot the enemies.


Happy Stratforming.

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Love the unique concept, love the twist of a strategic playformer ..simply an amazing game, more levels please :)

Because the other people just complaining about there plugins,
I'm saying: I had no problem with utility :D

Concept is ok, but not completely new for me. I've still played something like this somewhere, somehow ... can't remember where.

One thing that i would improve: right-click on a flash game isn't the best idea i thing. It felt strange and on some blocks it didn't worked. What about an hold-spacekey-and-click thing ?

The tutorial idea mentioned before sounds good as well. Especially because the Drob-block seems to be have no effect in my eyes (maybe because i can't read the description ? please optimize the resolution of the text).

Never the less, for the concept 4/5 stars

SapientStudios responds:

Thanks for the rating!

If you find where you've seen it before then please let us know.

Yeah we didnt realise the right mouse issue when we made the game as it wasn't purpose built for a web build. We'll probably do an update at some point to convert right click to alt-click

Yeah drop works best if suspended in mid air with no blocks around it, there is a known issue with the drop and we also have a fix for it which'll get rolled out soon.

Again, cheers for the rating, appreciate it


Brilliant, Very Interesting Idea.

Not a bad games, interesting concept but probably needs a tutorial round and some of the GUI is cut off.

Good though,


SapientStudios responds:

Cheers, the most important thing for us is that the concept is well received. This was very much a prototype as it was only made in a couple of days, and it's our first publicly released game-er-thing.

So cheers for the response :)


No plugin available to display this content???? DAFUQ?

SapientStudios responds:

It should prompt you to download the Unity player Plugin if you don't have it. If not, your browser may have asked you at the top of the page to allow content from Unity, in which case the content wouldn't have loaded.

Credits & Info

3.94 / 5.00

Jul 22, 2014
10:46 AM EDT