Work Simulator

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!!!I WILL EXPAND THIS!!! (after all the feedback i got i have a ton of inspiration for this game)
Just some game i made in 2 days.
there's no real story (YET) but whatever.
This game is infinite so don't expect an ending anytime soon when you're playing this :)
it's my first (complete?) game so enjoy. :)


Short but Good!

I'm gonna give you some stars for effort and making a good point about life. Still I love the way the game looks and I would love to see you make a game with more of a story. I feel like your talents were wasted on this but still since it was your first game good job!

Are you really thinking that this is seriously a game??????/

I'm giving you half a star for the effort. I just don't understand why you put this online already. It's unfinished and you didn't need comments to make progress. Things like story, goals, music... you should already know this.

I see all the complaints and say"really?" you got what you were promised, it's not a great game, but it is what the title says, now if the title was ninja baseball batman, and you gave us this, then people could complain, it still sucks, I mean it's why people play video games, to escape work, I say leave it like this, and make a different one with a new title so people will know it's interesting

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2.11 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2014
7:29 PM EDT
Simulation - Job