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Hey Newgrounds!

This is an experimental animation. If you don't enjoy the random, it's probably not for you. There might be some underlying themes going on but it was never my intention to do so. I just thought stuff up as I was animating.

Seven years ago I started working on this project, but I never got to complete it. Back then I had just finished When Titans Collide, which was a collaboratin between myself and several artists. I made a animation, they made a unique soundscape for the animation. Evidently projecting their feelings and emotions onto the movie. Thus allowing the audience to pick a musical "gaze".

This time I did it the other way around. I invited several artists to create short, wonderful and weird soundscapes which would serve as the inspiration for my animations. It gave me a great excuse to create really short and fun movies. In the end I decided to go for a prologue (>), two chapters (1,2) and an epilogue (<).

If you love the weird and random be sure to check out my other videos. Also, don't forget to subscribe, comment and review.

Music by:

Prologue / Chapter 2: Launchable Socks (http://www.launchablesocks.com/)
Chapter 1: Himlakropp (https://soundcloud.com/himlakropp)
Epilogue: Mr. K374

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So, is this what love feels like.

Perhaps not, but I don't think I'll get much closer than this. Thank you for making my sleepless nights worth it.

Fantastic animation, so how many mushrooms did you eat?

Rithix responds:

As a matter of fact, I ate up the entire forest. But seriously, drugs and creativity don't go together. M'kay?

Good decision.

Rithix responds:

Thanks! This has actually inspired me to finish some other projects as well.

that was something.
This is sweet. i like it. This is an awesome experimental animation. Keep it up.
I Enjoyed it