Anti Sanfermines Fight

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Erradicate Sanfermines with your strong will =)

Arrow Keys - Move
A - Shoot, hold for laser
S - Throw bomb
D - Shoot, no laser

Beat the game in 5 minutes

Please keep in mind the message of this game, Sanfermines and bullfighting cant be held on the 21st century, we should erradicate this, some people call it culture, but it is torture, help us, spread the word, your voice counts!!.

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I wanted this game to be good. I mean it's a peppy bullet hell style game, with a good message.
BUT.. you run into massive slowdown, and image buffer issues.

mordaza responds:

Thanks for showing your support and thoughts about the message, Im very sorry about the performance hit it suffer, its Flash limit, perhaps on certain very powerful machines it can go at good speed but I kind of found the limit of what I can add into a game in Flash, Im looking into other technologies to see if I can make either this game or another with good message in them without the power limit it seems Im having here because its Flash, again thanks for commenting, I will try my best in future =)

just way to many energy orb thing to kill you. Dose not seem possible even make it through the game there clustered so close together

mordaza responds:

Thanks for your comment, all games I post are always beaten before and not only once but many times to ensure they work, just try harder and you will beat it =)

Have some respect for other people's culture and let them be. Focus on true animal cruelty such as the fur industry, animal testing, and recreational hunting. Also making a game really doesn't raise awareness just backlash (don't believe me, ask the guys at PETA how the majority of people viewed their spoof games). Try protest and petitions for this game wasn't even that good with the lag and all.

mordaza responds:

You cant really say that fur industry is a thing to erradicate but bullfighting and bullrunning is a culture to preserve and maintain for real. The lag only happens if your machine is not powerful enough, Im sorry, this is flash technology issue

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1.42 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2014
1:13 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight