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Buncha Guys - Episode 2

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Website: http://www.BunchaGuys.com

Buncha Guys is an animated web series based in 90's suburbia that revolves around the frienship of Chaz, Mushroom, and Icepick.

In the second installment of this animated web series, the gang borrows a new video game from Ice Pick's older brother, Ice Trunk.

Writer/Director/Composer: Daniel D. Cooper
Animators: Daniel D. Cooper & Ryan Kryzak
Background Art: Daniel D. Cooper & James Bowman
Paintings Inked by: Sintija Ukse

Voice Talent:
Chaz: Jhan Dolphin
Mushroom: Scott Stoked
Ice Pick: Edwyn Tiong
Ice Trunk: John LaPiana

Opening Theme Music: Steven Zelenko & Elizabeth Kordeluk
Transition Theme: Joe Schelfield
Punchout Cover: Brian LaClair
(download: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/218432)
Punchout Rock Cover: Stage 3-1
(download: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/229518)

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Huh, nice work! glad to see my remaster being put to good use! cheers mate!