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Asteroids: Earth

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The Asteroids have come to earth! In its final days Earth sends its best Asteroids fighting hero to save the day.

Asteroid: Earth is a cross platform HTML 5 game. The same JS code is run in browser, and as a mobile app - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=alex.games.asteroidsearth

The song is Broke For Free > Directionless EP > Night Owl

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Lose 1167 i suck on this game but i love it!

Found it a little boring. The controls ruined the experience for me. If the ship was easier to control and asteroids moved a little bit faster, it would be a hell of a time waster. But instead a got bored and tried to pull an asteroid to ward the Earth to see what would happen. The ending wasn't very exciting. That's it. Also, you could use some better graphical appeal and a bigger visible area.

I like the concept. Next time, think more and try to do something great on top of this ;) Seriously. The concept is cool. You could add bonuses, like interaction between asteroids. Imagine these features:

0. Much bigger visible area.
1. if two asteroids of the same "type" collided, they combine into a bigger one.
2. if two asteroids of different types collide, they explode and drop a boost.
3. You may push asteroids with the ship, but that would require health.

On the visual aspect:

1. Asteroids have details and leave particle trail.
2. The earth is better looking and spins slowly;
3. The ship looks better. The "old school" ship doesn't fit this context, the other elements are vectorial and have some volume. Also, the ship could leave short trail or at least indicate that something is propelling it.
4. The stars could pulse one time or another so that the game doesn't get heavy for some devices;
5. Some colour shading could make the space look deeper.

And so on. This concept deserves a richer game.

Thanks for sharing.

AlphaLeader responds:

Thanks for the detailed response! How do you think I could make the ship easier to control? should it go slower, rotate slower?

Good game, but the controls are a little fast. Especially when turning.

Controls are a little iffy and frustrating.

Pretty great! Simple but awesome

Credits & Info

3.96 / 5.00

Jul 19, 2014
4:09 PM EDT