Escape Survivor Island 5

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It's day 5 and you are still alive! You should probably explore the island some more and figure out how to get home before you go insane! You've done well so far, keep on searching and see what you can find! Good luck!


Okay here goes...
I like the aspect of still being able to interact with things, let me tell you if I was stuck on an island I would most definitely look to the aircraft wing for something useful I missed. As for the pearl, if the shark is always interactible then all of the ocean is, I click every screens' water, just cuz you never know. Yes under water is not drawn as good as the rest, yes bambo word usage was not great, but who the hell cares, you can see the bambo is all cut down. And typo on 'girl', easy to over look, I never even saw it as I knew in my head that it was a girl we saved. Big deal.
I did wonder why a mask would scare a panther, instead of a knife, but okay, I'll go with it.
I also was disappointed that the markings in the cave was gone, but maybe I got tired of looking at it and washed it off. who knows. :)
Loved the game, hoping for more, am on my way to look. 'giddy with excitement on the prospect that there is more'.
Kudo's to you SD! Keep'em comin!
So very happy,
Your Game Stalker @ 470

I've to say the underwater world looks surprising unattractive. Thanks to Geminate, I'd not be able to find the pearl without this clue.

I do like the idea to reuse crates for making an alerting fire.

There was a misleading message saying that were no crabs yet when I clicked the pier. I thought the crab cage had been gone after episode two. X)

the characters in this game looks the same as the ones in urban survivor

The pearl is under water around there somewhere. That's the only difficult item to find to be able to finish the game with.

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Have played all of them, and I had fun. It was awesome getting off the island finally. Good job!

selfdefiant responds:

Thanks! :)

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3.48 / 5.00

Jul 18, 2014
4:04 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click