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SRAG3D: R3charged

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Super Robot Action Game 3D: R3CHARGED
Robot Day 2014

**The Story**
The Super Robot has been recharged and is ready to fight more aliens in the third installment of the Super Robot Action Game series. Now, he must shut down the alien bases in three action-packed galaxies before more innocent planets are destroyed.

Destroy each enemy base by shooting all 8 of its nodes. Complete each level by destroying all of its enemy bases and defeating its boss. Inside each base is an item that will give your robot a temporary power-up. For extra points, search for hidden floppy discs.

Move - WASD/Arrows
Look - Mouse
Shoot - Click
Ascend/descend - Shift/Ctrl
Mute - M
Pause - Esc/Space

Reach 10,000 total points to unlock a surprise!

**Tech Tip**
Make sure you have the Unity Web Player plugin to play this game. You can download it here: http://unity3d.com/webplayer

**More Robot Action**
Experience the first two games in the Super Robot Action Game trilogy:
SRAG 1: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/574408
SRAG 2: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/598835
Here's a playlist of the whole series: http://www.newgrounds.com/playlists/view/8b4fd6e3cedffaeb917d696a76fd76aa

**Special Thanks**
Bfxr for the sound effects (http://www.bfxr.net/)
Spacescape by Alex Peterson for the awesome skybox (http://alexcpeterson.com/spacescape)
Doctorjohn666 for some incredible asteroids

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I really liked it. Good music, good graphics and good gameplay. Maybe a more wide vision, or the camera a bit further from the robot. Apart from that it's really enjoyable.

This is kind of a neat game, though it's a doozy to try "looking" using my mouse pad. At some point I have to move the cursor off the game window, at which point it gets tougher to keep track of the cursor and the next click runs the risk of activating something outside the game. Also reaching for <shift> or <ctrl> is not something I'm going to be doing in the middle of a fight.

I'd like suggest a couple alternate control configurations if you'd consider such a thing:

A) Instead of having mouse movement = avatar rotation, have mouse movement from a center point control the speed of avatar rotation. That way the avatar will still rotate even if the pointer isn't off the edge of the screen.


B) Keyboard only controls. Something along the lines of:

Move - WASD
Pan - JL
Tilt - IK
Shoot - <Space>
Ascend/descend - Q/E
Mute - M
Pause - Esc/P

Also, more extensive cover against enemy fire might make things more interesting, although maybe that's in there and I just couldn't get to it.

Love to see a less roboty / more spaceshipy avatar as well, but that's just my personal taste.

Good start though.

maxman43 responds:

Thanks for the feedback!
The mouse should be locking to the game window the first time you fire, so I'm not too sure what's going on there.
Keyboard-only controls were something we were thinking about, but didn't have time to actually include. We'll make sure our next game has that.

too hard and a bit boring.

great engine though.

Engaging gameplay, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to defeat the first boss. It always turns before you can shoot the green thing on the back, which I only learned you can shoot by luckily getting a forcefield power up.

maxman43 responds:

PRO TIP: If you're close enough to the boss, it won't turn.

Surprisingly fun, time consuming but fun and enjoyable.