Maximun Driving

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A small game in which you just get to your destination to get the best score, and you'll know that the less points you will get more damage you have punctuation for the best driver on the board, you are able to reach the end? I'll be the only or best?, the car handles moving the mouse sideways

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More like bad programmer.
Okay i played this and beat it the first time while being quite thrown in to this thing with no warning, no are you ready, just suddenly i am racing down a country road.
After moving at quite literally 4X super sonic speeds, and making it to the end, its just that, it ends abruptly with a final score.
Now for the problems.
There is no indication at why you are in this rocket car that can move faster then a concord jet.
But since it ends just as quickly... i guess we shouldn't care.
Second, you MUST be the most capable driver as from what i can see. The other cars have no regard for driving on the right side of the road, or left, they just drive everywhere they damn well please.
Hit detection as far as i could tell is spotty at best and broken at worst, with some hits costing you almost ALL your HP, and some cars you can go right through with no damage done.
There is very little you can do about some cars, as despite turning to the other side of the road you still take a hit anyways, cause why not.
I have no idea about this road it just zig zags in every which way when i turn, i am on a nice smooth turn and then suddenly bam! i blink and i am headed straight for the other side as it hairpins.
Now for the camera which is jerky and obstructs your vision for the most part especially when you turn. Which REALLY is apparent during the herky jerky road parts mentioned above.

This really could do with some fixing if you truly want this to be a a decent game, for now its broken and very hard to figure out.
yet at the same time considering randomness, it could very easily be the easiest game ever.
It just depends on what the Random Generation is feeling like.

1 star for effort.

Man, did you just port a fucking game off a gameboy?

what is even going on in this game? the perspective is too small and i have no idea how to avoid the enemies because i seem to hit them every time

raptor0555 responds:

the car handles moving the mouse sideways...

The controls are awkward, the depth perception is poor, and the replay value is low while the rage-quit probability is high. good try but this game just falls flat.

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0.45 / 5.00

Jul 17, 2014
11:28 AM EDT
Sports - Racing