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Space Fight

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play controls:
Arrows for movement_ Or _ Mouse
Keyboard for shooting

try to defend enemies defeat as long as you can

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Hey, it's not that shabby. I really like the controls with the mouse...it actually requires you to do some maneuvering. Consult with an artist to draw you some good looking sprites, add a place where you can upgrade your ship etc.

Hmm. Why I am select mouse and i must fire with space? Why you are worst graphic for enemy and mothership is bettrer? Sorry, but control is terrible. If zou improve this staffs, this game will be good.

omarahmed responds:

i agree with you. i will try to improve it as it is my first game :D

Got problems with the titlescreen and had to reload the page; You asked which thing Iwould a like to play, but didn't said how to the stuff; The game started...what is the objective? Just destroy the ships? Gather some item?; The radar covered an enemy, thus the reason I died.

It's simple, got potencial. But need to fix this kind of things first.

Doesn't seem to load at all so I can't play it to judge it.

Using the mouse for controls seemed a little... not good. You still had to use the keyboard to fire, since you have to keep your left mouse button down to move toward your pointer.

I don't know if it was a glitch, but when I first upgraded, I somehow had enough cash to buy all the upgrades (and still had most left over).

3 hits and I'm dead. I didn't see how to fix my ship.

Fun for a minute, but that's all