Da Legend Of Zelda

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Follow Link as he adventures through treacherous dungeons in order to bang princess zelda.


Zelda got lucky a few times lol :) nice animation nice audio:)

if i know my zelda well it went from Oot,from skyward then spirit tracks,then twilight princess,then gta,then spirit tracks again,then Oot,then it stays Oot for a while,then a horror movie,the ganon with arm-pit hair,then A BOOM HEADSHOT,then a statue of ganondork,then link is humilated,and thats is all folks

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thesweepstudios responds:

right on

Was good for a laugh. To be fair the first minute or so really didn't do the quality of your animation justice. It seemed more like a sequence of freeze frames rather than a single animation. Was almost about to stop watching when I got to some more frame by frame and easier to follow animation.

You're good, and it's good you put the time in for a lengthy, well produced animation. There were points where the animation seemed a bit lazy, but all in all it was a decent watch.

Voice acting was okay, though the voices didn't really seem to match their characters at times, if that makes sense.

Any way, keep it up. Potential is with you.

thesweepstudios responds:

ya the begining was mostly freeze frames but once i got into the groove of the animation i fleshed out the animations more. thanks for the ffedback btw much appreciated

I really liked the dumb laugh after he killed Ganon. The animation is pretty nice too. Good job!

It was awesome, but I think you could have split this up into more then one episode, because it felt a bit long.

thesweepstudios responds:

the video was suppose to be short but sometimes i get to caught up on my animations and it doubles in length srry about that. thats one thing i need to work on. So hopefully you become a fan and stick to watching my toons and i promise that im always getting better and better as each toon gets shitted out. Thanks for the feedback brother

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3.31 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2014
5:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original