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Made in 48 hours as part of a small jam with the theme 'Ghost Wheel?', MfD is a game about a light that searches but never finds.

Left Arrow - move left
Right Arrow - move right
Up Arrow - dash (temporary invulnerability)
ESC - back to main menu
P - pause game
M - mute game

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Whoo! take THAT Tomster1000! (whats up with Namckah? lol) hah, anyway , i really like this game. Its simple and just about your reactions and quick thinking. The music is good and the graphics are pleasant. The game is simple but enjoyable and quick so ill give you 4 stars! If you make a second one (which i see you are) maybe give a bit more room ahead to plan out your escape, but also give more elaborate (i know these are random, perhaps create some planned levels or something?) and complex sequences of traps. also i noticed that dashing was not effective immediately after moving to the side, perhaps its just perceived but it seems messed up somehow? anyway, fun game!

very inaccurate
what more could you fail in that type of game?
don't use a 3 dimensional in a sphere in as a character next time

Honestly the game is not bad! It have a good...ummm how should i say... ''tallent'' to it and its very entertaining and i think that you should continue your work. But it remind me too mush of flappybird and the madness it bring us BUT it have potential so keep it up!

i love it simple,entertaining,quick thinker, retro gaming and great music along with it

make another game just like this but make different world platforms as your score get to a certain number a different level platform shows up and header it gets with different music on each level Then a repeating cycle of the first level just an idea but anyways i love it

LIDgames responds:

Thanks, and I'm actually working on an expanded version that does exactly what you suggested! Though it'll be for mobile devices.

solid, good way to waste all the time.

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4.14 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2014
1:13 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid