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The Scarlet Steels Pilot

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Introducing the Scarlet Steels: world's ultimate bad girls of the future!

The Scarlet Steels created by:
Glen 'glenbw' Bosiwang
Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto
The Santos Brothers

Episode 1: Pilot

Written by:
Glen 'glenbw' Bosiwang
Anthony 'A-Log' LoGatto

Animated, Edited and Directed by
Glen 'glenbw' Bosiwang

Voice Cast
mmichael154 as JT
Robb Stone as AD
Tomoyo Ichijouji as Ginoshi, Grape and Mom
donniegirl142 as Kiwi
Zakku the Kid as HP
Marissa Lenti as Russian Newscaster
DireMuffin as British Newscaster
SonicPAJ as Korean Newscaster

All Music Courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

"Go Cart - Drop Mix"
"Son of a Rocket"
"Shiny Tech II"
"Shiny Tech"
"Pixel Peeker Polka - faster"
"Call to Adventure"
"The Hive"
"Pinball Spring"
"Show Your Moves"
"Teller of the Tales"
"Ranz des Vaches"

Sound Effects Courtesy of soundbible.org and www.kyutwo.com

Special Thanks to everyone involved in this project, my families and especially Mike Pollock, who brought life to this wonderful project throughout the whole development!

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Well, I just was surprised to see it again after almost 5 years without seeing it, and right now that I see it in its entirety I have really liked it, but I must admit that in its time I have not seen it in its entirety but only at the beginning just and even there and then I have never seen her again, but until this year when I found it very randomly!!!

This is good

Its dumb but i like it. What it needs though is some rocket launchers, gogo music, a positive attitude character, those L.E.D. lights that look cool in those tokyo drift cars, and one of those really big guys with dual chain guns.

I really want to give you points for being ambitious enough to go for a series with long episodes like this. Seriously, it isn't easy at all.

The concept is cool and it's completely acceptable to basically do an adult Powerpuff if you ask me, but you definitely need help with the writing. It spends too long explaining to the viewers what they would figure out naturally and immediately anyway. In the eleven minutes of video, the viewer probably only experiences like two minutes of learning new stuff, and none of that is executed too interestingly. Look, if you don't want to do comedy, if you don't connect with comedy, don't feel obligated to toss jokes into the animation. It doesn't have to be funny, you can do a straight up action/drama series if that's what you want, especially if your jokes will feel forced when you try them.

The art style is pretty nifty, and yeah the animation itself is a bit clunky but that's just a skill you build over time. What am I gonna do, tell you to get good? You're in the process of improving as an animator, this is the process. Animating. It's sufficient. It moves. It's fine while you improve.

The voice acting was decent enough in truth, had its ups and downs but generally fine, I liked all the VAs. They were more hurt by bad writing and awkward timing than I think the script was hurt by them, not to say they were perfect, but they were fine to me.

If you want an action/drama, I'd say to go for it, kill mom, make the brothers go it alone or something and start making things more intense and serious in that style direction, changing your mind on the lighthearted kids show comedy guff starting with episode two rather than rebooting episode one. If you DO want to keep it in this creative direction, that's fine, you should create what you'll be into the most, but I'd say bring someone else on to help you with writing or just give yourself more time and attention for it. Work with your VAs a bit and make sure everyone knows the full scene, the context, how the moment itself plays out so they can act more or less intense as needed. Work on your timing, don't focus so long on anything, viewers will piece it together much, much faster than you're animating it for.

But hey, you're catching a lot of flak here in the comments, don't take it too harshly. A lot of people enjoyed this a lot and had no complaints, and the ones who wrote you the negativity are writing it because they see potential in it, they're slightly interested or they wouldn't write. Don't let it fuck with you, and most importantly, don't let it fuck with you to the point where you have to straight up ignore the criticism to avoid feeling discouraged, because a lot of what folks are saying is pretty constructive.

I wouldn't say you need to give up on the project, but you either need to be truer to what you actually want to be creating if this felt a little forced for you, or really polish up this path for yourself on the topic of the Scarlet Steels.

Good luck, and thanks for the animation.

I really have nothing to say that hasn't already been said. People have been comparing this to The Powerpuff Girls a show which obviously highly influenced this animation, and some even said that this was superior, something that sounds ridiculous to me. Clunky animation, and I sort of dislike the art style (that's my preference though). Amateur voice acting plus bad jokes (the "unexpected" spitting coffee into the robot) and "bathtub" like scenes to attract a teenage audience equal a pretty bad finished product. I'd like to say that I think that this has potential to be good, but for me you would have to scrap 90% of the "plot", if it can be called such a thing, that you already have planned. This screams unoriginal at the viewers, I think you can do much better than this. With this you'll only attract people that somehow enjoyed the bad jokes and expect more ecchi content in the future. I like the music choices you made though.