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Watching Shadows

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Author Comments

Warning: This game deals with mature subject matter. It is really not intended for anyone under 16. And please remember, it is only a game.

"Life is composed of lights and shadows, and we would be untruthful, incincere, and saccharine if we tried to pretend there were no shadows." - Walt Disney

To think of shadows is a serious thing. Inspired at times by the works of Friedrich Nietzsche and Carl Jung, Alex Gray, and The Blair Witch Project.

We created this experience as a tool to help you explore your own shadows of fear, hopelessness, shame, frustration, and emptiness. Can a game to cause you to feel these emotions? If so, will you quit playing or push through to the final big reveal?

Full play-time 30 minutes to 1 hour. Use the W, S, A and D keys on your keyboard to move about the world. Best when played with headphones. You may like Right Click -> Go Fullscreen, but that, like everything else in life, is up to you.

(Built in 51 hours as part of Game Jam 10 -- Theme: The Unknown)

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+The tree model is OK
+Fast movement backwards
+Music isn't half bad
+Didn't die too frequently
+The trees are effective jump-scares
+Flying text adds a touch of surrealism

-Slow pacing. Slow movement. Slow story progression. I'm a snail. Unless looking up or down, if going backwords. (Seriously the movement is so complex how did you even program it to work like that???)
-Invisible wall (did Mexico pay for it?)
-I'm lost in the trees
-There was an attempt (by me, and the developer)

Seriously though, I can see the idea but this game, atmosphere reminds me of Slender, but this game needs more work. Maybe add something to make it less confusing and fix the movement?

xyzzygames responds:

Congratulations, man, you played yourself. Given that the first "shadow" you face in the game is being lost, and your con was "I'm lost"...

The game is supposed to be an example of how to train yourself to work through negative emotions. If you choose not to work through the first one, I can't help you.

This is just amazing. Did anyone that when you are looking down you are slow, and when you are looking up are fast?

It was beautiful ya kno ive never played such a real game like that the ending was touching and actually taught me something ya kno....Good job keep it up

Well, I can't say it's bad It does convey a good message and I see what was attempted in the 51 hours of development; however I would like to see this idea explored further and with more subtlety.

Very good, *thanks author for that experience.

Some people like food that is, to them, properly bitter.
Numerous aspects of life also feel bitter.
Such a game would just not work if it did not bring "can't see where to look..," "like i am lost in the woods" kind of feelings to the player, and just had a "click [next]" or "there, trespass!.. those 2 seconds of walking directly forward." Personally for me, that have easily balanced what some folks have complained, the "JUST 51-hour of work" mouse control.
As of toggling the flashlight with a button. I think such a feature would've "detuned" the game a lot! And yes, I, too, have a habit of pressing "l," the pressing "f" "looking for a flashlight" (Half Life, or DX.) Like, when a movie is made.. There are operators; and there are light technicians, and those folks should.. I dunno, at least drink a tea every three days with the director.