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Piles - as anyone who's ever had them are amazing ;)

As usual, all animation and audio by me, Koit

There's a subs button top left for anyone wishing to sing along.
And if you like the song, download it using the links at the end of the animation.

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It's the costumes they wore that won me over. Little hat, glasses, beard. Never knew piles were so good at disguises. :)

wtf lol disgusting but the animation and music is good:)

Disturbing, but I really like it!
I really love the animation, and the way you talk about a thing like this! You're awesome!
This is even more decent than mexican hemorrhoid commercials, believe me.

koit responds:

That sounds intriguing..... need to see that commercial now.

Dear God. It's wrong of me to htink it's funny.... but.. the Scorpio in me just... can't... stop laughing! AHAHAHAHAHAHthe absurdist humor is spot on.

koit responds:


Absurd and random is the way forward.

Made me laugh, though it also was...disturbing...still no worse than some things of similar sort that have popped up over the years.