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Space Mafia

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Very early stages of alpha, theres a lot of bugs, glitches and horribly bad (and cruel) errors.

Aside from that, I got to a point where I thought I would give up, so I decided to see what you guys think of it. Keep in mind its only the very basics that is on display.

The final product (I hope) is to have over 1 hundred levels and boss fights, gun shop, upgrades and cutscenes.

Anyway I'd love any comments criticisms and especially some support! :)


Sorry forgot instructions!

Up/Down - Choose Load or New
W/A/S/D - to move
Click to shoot

Objective - None, just try out gun and barrels/blood and animation! Thanks!

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I guess it's okay for an alpha... but game, it isn't.

DarkPlay6 responds:

You mean you don't like the game or do you mean its just not up to scratch for a fully blown game?

Instructions. Somewhere. Anywhere. Something.

DarkPlay6 responds:

Sorry just added them!

Don't release alphas. You're just wasting peoples time.

DarkPlay6 responds:

So I should waste MY time making a game no-ones ever going to play?

I like the game play but I think the graphics need a little polish and if you can find a good music creator that would be cool so. I know this is an alpha though so for a game so early I would say it looks like the beginning of something great. From what you told us would be happening to it i'm looking forward to seeing the final product.

P.S: From what I played it seemed like the sound levels were a little off, I felt like the gun was a little quiet. I didn't want to include that in the review if it was meant to be. Good Luck on finishing your game!

DarkPlay6 responds:

Thanks a lot - that really helps. And yes the sound levels are on my list of bugs and imperfections. I am planning on getting a good music creator too, that its if I can't manage to make decent music by myself! Once again thanks for the help!

It's a good start. The design is nice, but, as you said, it's too basic. No instructions, and as soon as the two enemies are dead, its over. But it doesn't say its over. You're just cursed to wander around for an eternity. Don't submit games that aren't ready to be played. It pointlessly flioods the portal

DarkPlay6 responds:

Thanks - but i thought it was called "Under Judgement" so people can test out an unfinished product?