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FlashTrek: Defiant

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A really simple arcade-style Star Trek game that puts the player in command of the USS Defiant!
You don't really ever win. It's endless. Kill everything and buy everything until you get bored. Then move on to another game! :)

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Make it so you can lose. Add levels with bosses. And make the enemies bigger.

This game shows promise, but as chubbycharisma said it does have no challenge to it. The fact that when shields are down, getting hit just reduces points isnt as good as like say 3 hits and its game over. Here are some things I'd like to see improved in this game:
Upgrades cost more with each upgrade(the upgrade prices dont change and most of them you can only buy once)
Storyline (or if not at least some sort of objective)
Bigger and harder enemies that give more points
Bosses (unoriginal, but would be nice)
I'm sure this game would increase in popularity if you added these things. Thank you for reading this.

thecommandoboss responds:

This game was just a little thing I did over a weekend, but I suppose I could expand it...
Thanks for the suggestions!

While the upgrade thing is nice, this game seems to be have no challenge to it, you can't even die. It's simply shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot, upgrade and then shoot some more. I understand that it's exactly what the creator advertised but it still seems a little bit empty.