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The desert of metropolis

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edit: thanks for the first page slot, you guys are my fav

another short for nata 2014, have fun. come read my blog post that I'll eventually write about the awful five days of making this.

The amazing score was again done by TheGoatee, go follow him and have him score your stuff.

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So sad.
Quite the emotional entry though.

this seems alot diffrent from the other stuff i've seen made by you, as if you tried a complete new style with this one. looks great!
i was just wondering, has the bottle getting stuck in the vending machine a deeper meaning, or am i just reading to much into this?

I am a bit confused to be honest

So its basically an analogy of a guy trying to find water inna desert but is actually living in a city in poverty? I will praise the animation but im unsure to make whats going on

This is a really intriguing story / concept, and the music accompanies it seamlessly.
I really enjoyed how the soft, melodic, emotionally driven music turned to discord as the story changed, but still maintained composure. Great stuff!
I believe that this is the first animation I've seen of yours, but I'll definitely be checking out some others from here on out.
Keep up the great work!

dylan responds:

well you know where to find em

you always come out with such beautiful peices. Loved it

dylan responds:

loved you